REnato Lab





Building the sustainability future is a creative act.

REnato lab has great experience in a wide range of sector, which ranges from crafting sustainability strategies to improving resource management to optimize the design of circular products and services. The solution does not end with products but systems,  in order to create lasting change for our clients and partners. 


Current State Analysis

We believe that using systems thinking to understand how our economy operates allow us to scope and define the boundaries of the system. This could lead us to identify the dynamics between complex interactions in a system, such as supply chain, green policy, or even an economic sector, and provide insights about the root cause of key impacts. The results of our work help businesses, and governments understand global context, identify future trends, and form interventions that lead to meaningful and lasting change.

Waste Resource Management

We have developed a unique approach to analyze the mechanism of a supply chain or an economic sector that results in a roadmap for transitioning towards sustainability. We provide actionable strategies uses Life Cycle Assessment and Material Flow Analysis, analyze and quantify the environmental impact of a supply chain system to uncover hidden opportunities. Our strategists, engineers, designers, and program manager work side-by-side from start to finish, ensuring the final solution embody technically feasibility and customer needs to create a pragmatic shift towards a circular economy.

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Sustainable Material Strategy

From manufacturing to material science, we apply a holistic approach to sustainable material strategy that combines design, engineering, user-centered focus, and manufacturing production. We provide a wide range of sustainable material application to corporation that creates clear pathways forward that are practical and achievable. We also help customers and business build meaningful relationships that will continue to grow and strengthen.

Organizational strategy

Private corporation and organization often found difficulty while implementing sustainability into reality, we provide a full range of support to allow any organization to incorporate sustainability into their core strategy. We develop a vision for an ideal state where a system would be performing optimally according to sustainability goals. We translate this vision into a set of indicators and KPIs that are relevant for measuring progress toward this vision.