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Future Perfect

Future Perfect

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Future Perfect

From October 12th to December 9th, 2017, REnato lab and living art space SUNSET jointly produced the “FUTURE PERFECT; Taipei Future Completion” exhibition. The goal of the exhibition was to provoke breakthrough imaginations of the “future” and the “ideal life style” and create dialogues among people on the ways forward .

In conjunction with the exhibition, we also held 6 public events, including 5 salons and 1 dinner. “Rebel with a cause” characters from the fields of product design, service design, food, environment, circular economy, space operation, green design, etc., were invited to break the gap between professions and to start meaningful discussions. Moreover, the fruit and vegetable farmer’s market was irregularly held in the exhibition hall in effort to remove any preconceived social labels often associated with these products.



The audiences sit on a chairs made of (discarded) foam, use a tables made of (discarded) printed circuit boards, drink coffee, enjoy leftover snacks, examine the various items (objects and services) in the exhibition hall, and find their own ideas of constructing an ideal life style.

food revolution dinner

At the dinner party, participants listened to the chef/farmer, Fudy Chen Yufu, share his walk from the kitchen to the farm and how to greatly reduce the carbon footprint of food through new concepts of farming.


Salon 1

Based on "Circular Design Guide" principles, REnato Lab and Super Dragon Technology co. shared the difficulties, challenges, and their discoveries from their collaboration on the second generation of abandoned printed circuit board transformation project with designs by designer, Tseng Shi-kai.

Salon 3

Shadow Chen, the chief executive officer of the Taiwan Circular Economy Network, to share some cases that have taken place in Taiwan and abroad. After listening to what other people have done, Business Model Inc's design director Diane will analyze Taiwan's special opportunities from a service design perspective.

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Salon 5

Future Perfect connects many people who seem to have no connections, and this evening we will talk about the discoveries made through this project and the imagination of "perfection" and "future". The end of the exhibition is not the end, but the beginning of the next chapter.


Salon 2  

In this session, Lin Yizhen, Secretary General of JUT land development, shared the multiple thinking of JUT Group from commercial to non-profit, and looked at the spatial resource integration strategy and how to make the space re-emerge!


Salon 4

In this session, HPE Christine (Huiying) Jiang Senior Associate to share how the company "maximizes resources": there is an "action office" inside, and there are various rental services known to the industry. Expect to bring stimuli and inspiration to other fields!

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