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REstone II

REstone II


Taiwan discards 28,303 metric tons of printed circuit boards each year (Source: Environmental Protection Administration Department Executive Yuan); in the case of computer printed circuit boards, 14% of them are metal that can be removed after crushing and sorting, and the remaining 86% can only be discarded.By working with Super Dragon Technology inc. The task of the REstone project is to create value for 86% that is not needed. Based on the broken printed circuit board, with other electronic waste that can only enter the incinerator, the texture of the granite is presented without the addition of dye.

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Product Design

Material Innovation


Density: 1.42 g / cm3

Scratch Resistance: 3

Water Absorption Rate: 0.1%

Tensile Resistance: 634 kgf / cm2

Abrasion: 0.00 g